Find Yourself: 5 Days to Finding Your Purpose

Discover what truly sets your heart on fire and then create that life for yourself… in just 5 days!

About this event

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t know what you’re TRULY passionate about and what your purpose is.


When you look at your life and career, you wouldn’t say that they’re full of passion.


If anything, you’re living a lackluster life.


When you live a life without purpose, you don’t know what your true passion is and so you’re wandering through life.


You go to work, come home, watch Netflix, and feel like something is missing.


When asked what you’re passionate about, you can’t really give a good answer.


The simple truth is that when you don’t know what your purpose is, it’s really hard to live an INTENTIONAL life.


And this is why we have created this FREE Challenge –

Find Yourself: 5 days to Finding Your Purpose


In just 5 days, you can start on the journey of discovering what you’re TRULY passionate about and then building your life around it.


How would it transform your life if you knew exactly what it is that makes you tick? How would it change your life and career if each day you woke up filled with passion and purpose?


That’s EXACTLY what this challenge is designed to help you accomplish.


This 5-Day mini course will guide you through simple actions you can take each day that will help you figure out WHAT you’re passionate about, as well as how to start doing it every single day. During the 5 days, you will discover…


Day 1: Myths and Methods for Discovering Your Purpose

Day 2: Taking Action

Day 3: Uncovering Themes and Habits

Day 4: Exploring and Assessing Areas of Passion

Day 5: Making Room for your Passion & Purpose


It’s time to stop wandering through life and to actually do something that you’re truly PASSIONATE about.


So, come and join us and thousands of others for this FREE Training series starting on Monday 26th July 2021 in our FREE Facebook Group – Learn, Grow, Evolve with Maz and Jo (you’ll receive details of how to join our group in your confirmation email once you’ve registered for this training).