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Certificate in Autistic Wellbeing for Autistics

With a focus on organic, authentic Autistic wellbeing, the Certificate in Autistic Wellbeing for Autistics is a practical and rewarding course consisting of 6 core modules, covering various aspects of Autistic lived experience which impact on Autistic flourishing. It is aimed at Autistic adults who want to work for and with their Autistic community to create lasting positive change, whilst enhancing their own personal wellbeing.

Unlike other courses offered on Autism, Reframing Autism’s Certificate in Autistic Wellbeing is run by Autistics for Autistics. It is not only information-rich, but actively centres Autistic experience as meaningful, and approaches Autism from a perspective of building broad and genuine wellbeing for the whole Autistic community.

During the Certificate, then, you will have access both to academic research, as well as to other Autistic lived expertise, which is considered as equally – if not more – valuable than peer reviewed academic literature. You will have access to Autistic facilitators and their experiential knowledge, and you will have many opportunities to interact with your Autistic peers.

Delivery: Online

Structure: 6 modules, each with 1-2 weeks of facilitation

Duration: Flexible schedule of modules means the course can be completed in as little as 2 months, or as long as 12 months

Workload: minimum 4 hours per module

Cost: FREE

Please see the full prospectus for all course details here.

Successful applicants will be contacted and asked to register approximately 4-6 weeks before the course start date.  

Find out more and register online.