Dads and Daughters

Course Summary

For girls, a father’s love and support are extremely important. As the primary male role model in a girl’s life, Dads hold the key to her self-esteem and how she will grow up to see herself. A girl’s image of herself as intelligent, interesting and capable is boosted by her father.

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  • $30 per person

Previously Dads Raising Girls/ Dads Raising Teen Girls

Dads often don’t know their role with daughters, especially when they are teens. Yet girls hunger for connection with their dads and stepdads. They need to know and feel that they are special to their father, that he respects her, that he is reliable and safe.

This workshop will give you some tips to build a rewarding father-daughter relationship.

Topics we will discuss include:

  • What girls need, especially from their Dad
  • Some common pitfalls for Dads and how to manage them
  • The all-important art of paying attention and listening
  • Preparing for adolescence and how to stay connected
  • Practical ways to improve and maintain a rewarding father-daughter relationship.

To assist people during these challenging times we have produced a tip-sheet taken from this course.