Disability Support Pension Workshop

Want to gain a better understanding of the Disability Support Pension (DSP)? 

In this session we’ll explain the complex DSP rules that determine eligibility by working through the multi-layered assessment process, including eligibility criteria, evidence requirements, and key steps in the claim process. Speakers will cover manifest eligibility, Impairment Tables, Programs of Support and job assessment capacity. They’ll also explain temporary exemptions from mutual obligations to look for work for those struggling to gain access to DSP.

The session will cover important points about obtaining the right medical evidence, including who can be considered a medical expert, and give direction about the content of letters and necessary forms. We will outline what to do if your claim is rejected, including where to go for help.

Target audience: Community workers and volunteers, disability advocates, social workers, community/social work students, intake staff and lawyers

When:  August 6th, 2024 from  2:00 PM to  4:00 PM
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