Emotion Coaching Your Child

Course Summary

Raising our children should be one of life’s greatest experiences, but as every parent knows it can often be overwhelming. This workshop is designed to introduce you to the art of Emotion Coaching which helps parents to be supportive of their child’s emotional world and to value emotional connection and intimacy.

  • Fee
  • $30 per person

Research indicates that developing the emotional competence of your child provides a ‘secure’ pathway to the development of Emotional Intelligence (E.Q. – believed to be a better predictor of success than Intelligence (I.Q.).

Participants will learn how to:

  • understand the different styles of parenting
  • communicate with their child more effectively
  • help their child identify and understand their emotions
  • soothe and guide their child through their ‘difficult’ emotions
  • understand the contribution of their own emotional world to their parenting