Healthy Conflict In Relationships (Online)

Conflict is a normal part of any relationship.

How to manage it and resolve problems in a way that improves relationships rather than harms them is the focus of this one-night workshop.

Strategies discussed include:

  • defining what constitutes conflict and the importance of healthy conflict resolution
  • common strategies used while handling conflict
  • learning new skills for healthy resolution
  • looking at a step-by-step approach to a healthy resolution

Some of the strategies include ways to ‘fight fair’. This requires avoiding sarcasm and rudeness, making sure both parties are fighting about the same thing and staying on task instead of bringing up history, learning ways to become more active listeners and thus give the other person time and space to put their view across.

When: Wednesday 15th February2023

Time: 6.30pm to 9pm

Where: Online via Zoom

Cost: $30 per person

Online sessions are interactive and have minimum requirements

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