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Neuroaffirming Social Skills – Continuing Professional Development

Often, allied health, psychological and even educational professionals are tasked with providing social skills courses or groups to Autistic children. Unfortunately, such courses regularly teach Autistic children to mask or suppress their organic Autistic ways of being and privilege non-autistic social interaction. However, if they done well, social skills programs can be used to build bidirectional understanding and empathy between Autistic children and their non-autistic peers. When approached from the double-empathy construct, social skill programs can be a conduit to a cultural exchange and, ultimately, be neuroaffirming and neuroinclusive for Autistic children.

Join Reframing Autism for an afternoon session exploring the principles underpinning neuroaffirming social skills, in which Dr Melanie Heyworth will explore some of the more standard approaches to teaching Autistic children social skills and show you ways that you can innovate to provide respectful, inclusive support to the Autistic children in your care, and to their peers. Learn why certain non-autistic social skills are simply not appropriate or useful for Autistic children, and how you can construct social skills programs that will foster genuine social connection and friendships.

When: 3.00pm-5.00pm (AEST) Saturday 17th September 2022

Where: Online

Cost: $88.00

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