Pushing It Uphill

An engaging event to inspire and uplift . You will see you’re not alone in your struggles to overcome adversity and we can actually thrive!

About this event

Standing up to adversity, finding the will to overcome, refusing to give in, refusing to give up. At some point in our lives we all have to face the turmoil that is thrust upon us just by living. Don’t despair. Life will never give you anything you can’t handle. At the time you may not think you can handle it, but if you just hold on, just keep going, what you will realise is, you were stronger than you believed yourself to be.

Pushing it Uphill, The Art of Thriving in a Difficult World is the First Event of a series created by Podium Public Speaking to highlight the trials and tribulations of overcoming the adversity of daily life. Our speakers have endured hardship to realise the strength, guts, determination and grace that lies within.

This is an engaging event, designed to inspire you and uplift you; to help you see you are not alone in your struggle. You will see that there are ways to meet adversity head-on, find your true strength and thrive in the face of it.

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