Self Confidence Self Esteem Focused Learning

A block of four sessions exploring:
#Confidence to trust in the self
#From stinkin’ thinking to positive thinking
#Healthy Boundaries and Communication
#Becoming your own super hero power
During this block of four sessions, individuals will be encouraged to develop a positive relationship towards the self. Through Equine Facilitated Learning, we will engage with the horses, experiencing authenticity in connection. As we learn about being with the horses, individuals will be able to explore safe boundaries, self acceptance, body language and insights leading to a sense of greater responsibility of self. No horsemanship experience necessary.
Integrating qigong exercises, we will practice interactive movements, inviting playfulness and our own super power!
Facilitated by Karen Jones, Fliss Rose and the herd
Age 8-12yrs $280 maximum 8 participants 4-5:30pm
please pm me to book your place!