Sound Therapy with Horses

Horses, just like people, find certain tones relaxing.
This 3 hour workshop is designed to give us time to be present and listen to nature.
The workshop will focus on meditation, sound therapy, herd watching and Emmett technique.
The day will commence with a meet and greet. Followed by some time with the herd where participants will be guided through a meditation and develop an initial understanding of horses body language. This will then lead into a session of Emmett and sound healing for the participants. The the final part of the morning will involve taking the music out to the horses.
A light morning tea will be supplied
Maximum number of participants will be kept to 12 to insure individual attention.
$100 per person is required to confirm your booking prior to commencement of the program.
Contact us for more details or book a place. Chris 0431627186