Stop Impostor Syndrome in it’s tracks!

Wish you could skyrocket your confidence, smash through the blocks keeping you stuck in self-doubt?

About this event

Stop impostor syndrome in it’s tracks and start showing up in your life!

Wish you could dump your impostor syndrome, skyrocket your confidence, smash through the blocks keeping you stuck and tell self-doubt to back right off?

Well you can, and you will 💪🏼

Join Leanne Shaw, from Reboot Mindset Coaching in this introductory workshop as she shares how to reboot your mindset and start living a self-doubt free life!

Specifically, Leanne will cover topics including;

  • What impostor syndrome is and isn’t.
  • Why you’re looking at it all wrong.
  • How to make impostor syndrome your superpower.
  • How to make showing up in you life or business fun AND easy!

About Leanne Shaw

Leanne is the founder of Reboot Mindset Coaching. She has an ability to transform your mindset, relationships and work culture. She’s real and has earned a reputation as a kickass coach, speaker and corporate trainer.

​Leanne entered this field after spending several decades feeling totally messed up. She spent tens of thousands of dollars on support, therapy and self-education, all of which helped but none of which gave her the ability to transform her life. It was only when she discovered someone with expertise in Intuitive/Energetic NLP that she found her own power source and created the change herself within weeks.

Since then, she has invested more than $30K in her own training and is always learning more. As a result, working with Leanne allows you to reap the benefit of this training so you can get your results quicker without having to go through all the trial and error that she did.


* Tickets are limited and bookings are essential.

* This workshop is presented by Leanne Shaw, Reboot Mindset Coaching.

* If you are unable to attend after booking, please let us know on 9792 7190. This enables others to attend in your absence.

* Refreshments provided.

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		Stop Impostor Syndrome in it's tracks! image