Strength From Within (High School Girls)

Strength From Within – Holistic Wellness Program For Children

About this Event

Would you like to help your child boost their self confidence, improve their self esteem and learn to love their bodies just the way they are?If yes, our signature holiday workshop, Strength From Within is just what you are looking for. This special 2.5 hour event is designed to help your child feel stronger, happier, more secure and more confident within themselves.Each workshop includes all three Standing Strong components of STRONG Body, STRONG Mind and STRONG Heart.

Through these fun and interactive workshops girls and boys will learn:

✨ How to see themselves and their bodies in a positive and empowered way

✨How self-care and self-love can help to improve confidence, self-esteem and body image

✨ How to meet new people and develop new friendships

✨ How to build resilience and learn how to embrace their own individuality and uniqueness

✨ How movement, mindset, mindfulness and self-care can have a powerful impact on building a strong sense of selfThis two and a half hour workshop is jam packed with exciting and interactive activities to help girls and boys feel happy, energised and inspired!